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to the skin. They consist of inflammatory tissue in the substance of the

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ity being proportional to the dose taken. Nearly 40 per cent, of the patients

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included in the class mentioned in the preceding subsections or

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vomiting is present, the hypodermic injection of morphine, together with

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fissure or ulcer, more rarely a painless lump, first attracted the patient's

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definite sign of peritonitis, but the differential diagnosis may be very

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excrete all the bile they form, and so some of it is reabsorbed from them.

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left behind after the death of the micro-organism; the irritant being a

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is troublesome and expensive, however, and we rarely use it. The

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up, great care is taken of him, he is inftruded and

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mares ; to which he adds, that there were in the pro-

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filling defect in a pyelo-ureterogram. Fortunately pure urate stones are

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drinking bad water ; fuch as is too lliarp, too raw,

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arthritis followed a sore throat it is wise to remove the tonsils.

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town life. Considerable amounts of alcohol may be taken, without obvious

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heavy, and fometimes watery ■ the nofe runs ; the

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old, and hollow eye-pits when they are quite young.

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by stress, the result of sudden violence directly or indirectly applied,

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ducts, and those in the liver, are enormously dilated, and may contain a

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buzzing in the ears, drowsiness, sleeplessness, nightmare, vertigo or

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under the head of Gallstones. Occasionally we meet with suppuration of

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teristic ova (Fig. 7^). In addition to the cough and expectoration, which

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posterior diameter and diminishing the transverse. Any bronchial catarrh

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of combining with acids to form salts. It is to these bases that plants

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they are fubje6t to feveral defefts, which it is fome-

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the rnoll diligent fearch for them, in every place but that

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fun, in order that all it's refmoiis parts may be exhal-

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process affects the lower part of the large bowel. The abdomen may be

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viding that any person exercising it for gain for the benefit of the

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the intestine, and at least two cases are on record of recovery after this

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cholesterin, but a large amount of bilirubin-calcium with varying quantities

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may be observed in situ. Munzer found crystals of hsematoidin in the

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taken be moderate, the digestion is completed in as short a time as when no

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The quadrumana in confinement are extremely frequently attacked

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The cover-glasses are then separated. The films are allowed to dry, and

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water they live in ; those of Culex hang head downwards at right angles to

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day. The green iodide of mercury is also a useful preparation. To com-

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swollen, hot, and reddish, and are excessively painful to move. They are

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Sir James Mackenzie's polygraph came into use a new era of

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acquired syphilis. Orchitis may occur between the ages of 3 and 12,

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en their fat and fuet, 332. Qualities requifite in a good

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Physical examination was quite negative. Her diet was entirely

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streaks of blood, or the blood may be diffused through it, giving a faint

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The patient often has the aspect of a drinker ; his nose is red, the venules

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