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which the direct functions of the organism are affected, it would be found
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to the auriculoventricular node and ventricular conductive system does
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(Edema shows itself sooner about the feet and in less time assumes
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for avoiding disease and for ministering to a healthy nutrition by
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effect of the prolonged sleep produced by an anaesthetic is far more
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the surface of the valves, or the valves themselves may be thickened
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their being broken, the liquid is liberated, soaking the wool and silk
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Finny reported a case of mitral regurgitation with extreme hyper-
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of this occlusion of all the lymphatic outlets. To explain the total
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0.4 gm. salvarsan and twenty-four intraspinal treatments with salvarsanized
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tion was 14.31 and 21.50 gm., respectively. The continuing effect
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in consequence of the insufficiency of the mitral valve ; and the other
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vation. Hence modern pathologists and clinicians prefer to say a
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whether a particular type of symptom complex tends to run in one
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it may be found better to substitute pure ether for chloroform.
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sustained and is cumulative. Thus Pech finds that the administra-
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with the entire absence of anguish, could not long be mistaken for
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the capillaries, there is beneath the endothelium a fine network of
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respiration. He regards coma as a late stage in the operation of the
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28. Franchini : Biochem. Zentralbl., Ref . 1904, iii, 522.
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cancer in males a greater number occur in persons between the ages of
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relationship to their ability to produce glucose in the animal organism,
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has had a large experience with pellagra in Spartanburg County and
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of some of the iron preparations. The result is frequently disastrous.
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whatever it be, which is responsible for the poor adaptability and peculiarity of
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much as is usually found in persons who have not suffered from
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the treatment in other cases now still under observation we expect to
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the anterior tip of the tricuspid valve has been reported by Eonnen-
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dent tendency of many pellagrins to conceal their disease until it recurs
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nation was much improved. The cell count in his spinal fluid. fell from 16 to
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the results are merely confirmatory of facts already well known con-
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Type 1, with serum disease following the intravenous injection of serum. The
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