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Although the evidence is not so conclusive here as in the aorta, the
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ISSUED: Scored tablets 50 mg. • Elixir, 5 mg. per cc.
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islands are considerably less numerous than normal. In general, the
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Physical Medicine — F. H. Ewerhardt, St. Louis, Chairman
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inspector of the State of Texas ; and no cattle from said counties shall be moved or
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Since the essential sugars in the cardiac glycosides
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Hrielly siimninrized, the conehisioiis whii'li \Vood\att, etc.. ha\e so far
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normal. The loss of function of cardiac accelerator
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ever, like other medical aids, physical therapy should
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hypophysis may aid in the recognition of acute inflammatory processes
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On aeeouiit of the anatomic relationships, it is impo.ssihle to study tie-
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was rapid and luxuriant within eight days. There was a tendency
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best investigative efforts proselytized by overflow-
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commerce of the said meat and meat-food products of cattle, sheep, swine, and goats.
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tensor tendons of the op|insile lind) are cut, then the former liml) Avill
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head against the floor of the stall ; her eyes had a set, glassy appear-
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Inadequate to supervise the work properly, and it is especially recommended that pro-
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early as practicable, this constant running fight with the tick. An
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204. ♦Zbit, P. R.: "Congenital atresia of the oesophagus with
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section. Inspection is also maintained along the Canadian and
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months, preferably in a higher altitude. If the disease has been con-
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must depi'li.l .III s.ii hail.;.' alT.'.-tiny: til.' hl.i.i.l s.i as to all.'r th.' forin
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were inadequate. However, the work is being pushed by the Depart-
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Tamier {loc. cit.. No. 99) reported a case with no unusual features,
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Audrain, Boone, Callaway, Camden, Cole. Cooper, Gasconade,
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diets, for both oral and tube-feeding, using Swift’s
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the incidence of flap necrosis. The lateral flap is car-
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semblance of truth. The moral side of man has its defects, but it
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vein liloocj sinks to not i -c than 1 liM'il of the inn-nial amount, 'i'lo'
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probably the largest of the draft breeds. Their grades have not yet
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.A. Denton Vail Springfield Kenneth C. Coffelt Springfield
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carries the "Abbott” name. There is a wide variety of vitamin preparations
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with twine and seals for identification. Those carcasses in which are found disintegrated
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with tubercle bacilli from any source should be given credence unless
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The five children in this family, the B ' family, were under our care;
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mous. The traffic in live animals, he said, formed such an important
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bald Smith ' and his associate Ten Broeck have carefully investigated
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fluid findings and finally all five children in one family were affected.
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fuel values are a measure of the food value so far as the supply of
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During the last two pollen seasons, the effectiveness