Uses For Promethazine


Dysenteric attacks. — These may occur in the course of an ague fit,
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described by Eve and Lingard (1886), the micrococci of Disse and Taguchi
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removal to the hospital will have a beneficial effect. The treatment of the per-
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immediate origin of the croupous inflammation is to be sought for in
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All the library facilities of the University will be open to any post-
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judged on its own merits; but, in general, if the retinitis is discovered
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blood often enough and at suitable times, sooner or later we will encounter
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for their symptoms, we should have expected the continuation of that
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resembling the diffuse tubercle tissue induced by the living microbe.
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must be observed. There must be great caution in the return to a milk
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fairly certain, as neither of these affections responds well to salicylates.
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itself, with or without operation, has been discounted.
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various situations. Occasionally the fluid in one pocket may be serous,
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weeks, in order to prevent the liability to relapses and to cardiac com-
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cord, producing a terrace-like arrangement. Sometimes only one cord is
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ordinary culture media, especially if these are rendered slightly alkaline. It
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number of granular casts in the common variety of diabetic coma. The
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have a higher incidence of eclampsia than the natives, and attributes the i
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grows best at a temperatures of from 30° C. to 40° C, growth being
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age were recommended. In the group of 102 non-immunes reported
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rule, however, the first and most evident lesions are met with in the
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very often complicated with pulmonary tuberculosis. This is especially
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these vessels and they give way when the patient strains to void, a car-
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residue or roughage, will have an average weight of 1,100 grms.
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course of one's search for donors, indi\"iduals in these groups are found,