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A communication from C. E. Ford, Superintendent of Health, enclos-

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are needed. It is pretty well agreed that bismuth and salol are the best

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The Ross Jones Test is performed as follows : 2 Ccm of a saturated

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digitoxin was also used in the form of a solution in normal saline to

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to occur occasionally, especially when new employees are being "broken

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mittee from the Municipal Association to take up matters relating to the

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One of the most striking phenomena, with both drugs, is

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of food. The diagnosis of calculus was confirmed by the X-ray, which

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Further, the parties of the first part shall keep a mailing list of physi-

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"clinically much better; edema of the ankles much less; feels strong and

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appendicular lesion was the origin of the patient's illness.

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were employed at the time of admittance to the clinic.

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taste and judgment that we had been wont to associate with the name of

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were in patients not otherwise fatally ill ; the other two were

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I became quite interested in the surgical clinic of Professor

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spinal fluid is clear and without increase of either cells or pro-

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as children entering the school system from immigrant

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ance of gummata. The patient, a white male aged 36 years, at a previous

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the human mind is not infallible so far as the physician is concrened.

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occupational diseases is stimulated the mere list of reported cases

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before the aorta became too severely injured by the disease.

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A Physician’s Handbook on Orthomolecular Medicine.

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amount she haa eaten, and the oaual practice is to tie her in the

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"bottled up" biliary sepsis, so that a later choledochotomy might

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associated with, a decrease in the number of organisms present in

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the Study and Prevention of Infant Mortality, at the Third Annual Meet-

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(Sec. 5-c), and without previous warning to the dairy, inspect the cleanli-

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81.9, 82, 82, 82, 82.1, 82.3, 82.4, 82.4, 82.4, 82.5, 82.7, 82.7, 82.7, 82.8, 83,

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the value of clinical teaching that the Charity Hospital Medical College,