Atenolol Indomethacin


to the erroneous supposition that the stomach has absorbing villi like those
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According to the statistics of M. Gojraud, these constitute
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is most liable to be first affected, have furnished discrepant results, show-
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evacuant remedy, and regulated diet for a few days, with, perhaps, some
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the average in the community ; at which rate, were it general,
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other situations, militates against, if it does not disprove, this supposition.'
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ter-irritation beyond this does harm by increasing constitutional disturb-
atenolol indomethacin
After the foregoing brief account of inflammation, it will suffice, in treat-
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cases of functional disorder characterized by vomiting ; in ordinary cases
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which the susceptibility to these causes is destroyed, cannot be explained.
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haps above, the clavicle, with deficient suj^erior costal movement. This