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By Jill Gethings. Garra Rufa Fish or Dr fish as they are commonly known, are a natural phenomenon which have been used to treat various skin ailments for probably hundreds of years. The therapeutic properties that these fish have, result in many healing benefits for the skin.

The Garra Rufa Fish are amazing creatures that are known by many names, Doctor Fish, nibble fish and Kangal fish. These fish originate from the river basins of Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran and they were first discovered in the Kangal Valley in Turkey. It is believed that the Turkish have known about the healing properties of these fish for hundreds of years as these fish seem to have an ability to be able to help treat many skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema. Although the spas are not meant as a cure, it has been found to alleviate many of the symptoms of these skin conditions sometimes quite dramatically. The beautifying effect that Garra Rufa fish have on the skin can sometimes bring great relief from psoriasis as these fish will only eat and remove any dead skin, leaving healthy skin to grow.

During a Garra Rufa Pedicure you will dip your feet into the spa tank and the Garra Rufa Fish will gently begin to nibble away at the dead skin on your feet, ( these little fish have no teeth so cannot bite) this nibbling away of the dead skin will then enable the healthy new skin to grow. While this can be quite ticklish to begin with once you settle into it, it is very relaxing. And a very enjoyable experience, leaving you relaxed and your feet soft and smooth.

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