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Surijeon, Surgeon-Captain H. F. Stokes, Senior Medical Officer, Instructor
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exnerience in American asylums is that resulting from the use of
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associated with a lack of mental capacity, as in this case.
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The total amount required will probably be about £150.
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clergy, but, at the same time, all clergymen might be .oousid^^ck
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liquid by decalcification. This may be readily brought about
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Journal, February 28th, 1891. It was probably reprinted in the
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which was below the average rate in the preceding ten years. The lowest
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cautions being taken to prevent any body being burned until
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to be rapidly concentrating itself upon the fields in which
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the interval become more and more Habli! to attack ; because
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various other bacteria, by the bacterium coli commune, and
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who are unable to pay for their medical attendance. But unti!
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particular, liis training bavin'; been left to the S.'nitary
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houses; there had been none in the hospital for several
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by secreting cells is accompanied by the disappearance of the
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Wales's Volunteers (South Lancashire Regiment): Surgeon-Major (rank-
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warm and the poles were connected. He sent in his report and received
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ber of meetings, which were held usually in the libra-
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and the figures on the other to be more readily seen, in con-
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of Wagner, and he exhibited two instruments he had devised
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gramme ot metallic lead re.spectively. Four days after,
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private Bill, the power of dealing with the matter in rela-
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another sample of blood withdrawn ; this clotted in a few
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that I could not feel anything, but, on following the umbilical cords a
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sequent intraperitoneal inoculation ; and this is the most
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injected, and the patient recovered for six days, but then
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The latest news from Vienna is that Dr. Hasterlik and
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meeting of English residents, held in Cannes, for the purpose
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this, however, we are quite willing to be set right if we are in
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thelial cells, and Wernicke^ had found sporozoa in mycosis
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with tlie literature of the subject is shown on every page, and
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and it was not until i88i that the first indications of the
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the lirst interspace, on the left side dulness to sixth rib, cracked pot
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to the protruding gut, and the cancer and the mass removed,
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Gordon, on the West Coast of Africa, at Robari, in 1887-88,
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highway passing through several districts is more con-
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apartments. Applications to \YilI. Taberner, Secretary, by February
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profession that the Hebrew word " pliysicians " should not be
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tion of land and water— we find it best illustrated by a dia-