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without any increase of vital action on the part of the kidneys

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epithelial debris and invades the superior maxilla. We have collected

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Nov. 17 Introductory Lecture (Lancet); Article: On Amputation at

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inguinal region the right could be felt. On rectal exploration the

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the urethra passes round the ischial arch. On examining the intra-

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first the symptoms are those of chronic catarrh, with unilateral muco-

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produced slight pain, but no foreign body was discovered. The same

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owing to this success, his splint obtained great celebrity. There is au

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tage of a crowd to escape, and was never again found.

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found numerous swellings in the skin and subcutaneous connective

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ments and AppUances in Medicine, Surgery and Midwifeiy. 2. New

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perience on the trip to Brundusium. He is evidently

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tion. Temperature 38-8° C. (ior8° F.), respirations 18, pulse 40. The

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Treatment. — The parts were dressed daily with a 4 per cent, solution

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lymph ; the transverse colon and extremity of caecum were highly

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bicarbonate of soda I5 to 3 ounces, salicylate of soda 2i to 6 drachms,

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of renal engorgement, we have yet to learn a great deal about the effect

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G. H. Philipson, Newcastle-upon-Tyne; Dr. J. FitzPatrick, Lenham; Mr. Albert

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On the loth March the horse was returned here. For two days

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upon our oars, and shall we then survey complacently a perfect system ?

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the mam support and prop of the evidence in favour of his spas-

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This animal had been injured a little in front of the withers by the

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noble art, I was summoned to a sick child in a tene-