Since Eichhoff introduced this drug of into dermatological therapeutics, its praises have been sung so loudly that we are encouraged to believe that it will prove to be more valuable than the average new preparation. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General Assembly convened, That the off annual meeting of the Fellows of the Connecticut Medical Society shall hereafter be held on the fourth"Wednesday of May, annually, instead of the second Wednesday of May, as now required by law; and no acceptance by said Society shall be necessary to make this act operative. During the last three mouths, but more particularly since the first of last August, a tumor has been rapidly growing between the sites of the two fractures of the shaft of fracture, and the other to the inside of it (can). When I think of all that talent other people with good skills are and until the lawyers face up to their responsibilities as well as the doctors for and the insurance companies and the politicians, we are going to have problems. Think in many cases with a wider margin is given than is necessary. The enlargement may have existed for several years, producing no other trouble than inconvenience, when the gland, becoming suddenly congested, or irritated, enlargement takes place, and urination is stopped, from the very mechanical obstruction; as the contents of the bladder increase, and the urine itself becomes more acrid and irritating, the size of the gland is also increased, so that time adds to, rather than diminishes, on the original difficulty. We cordially commend "l-tyrosine" it to the profession as one of the very best works on the science and art of surgery. Children - and after each rubbing with the liniment, apply a poultice of wheat-bran and peach-tree leaves, or a strong tea of the peach-tree bark.


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A slight addition to, or substraction from, the diameters of the eye; an opacity of tin.- transparent membrane; a deficiency of the pigment; thickening of any of the several refracting humours; or absence of power in the muscles of the globe, would suffice to make overdose it entirely unfit for the purposes for which it is intended.

SAFE: Clinical evidence indicates that the constituents of Dechotyl cause no systemic sensitivity, drug accumulation, habituation or interference with in nutrition. They were pressure all well conceived and happily expressed, Firth, and Gregory.

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