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to gout, which localizes itself in the affected part. JPrecisely the same relations

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I have always been guided by the pulse, compared with other attend-

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of the characteristic absorption bands between D and E and B

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diagnostic laboratory the diagnosis is based upon the histological

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but this will rarely confuse one. It is probable that in such con-

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case, no distinct trace of optic thalamus or corpus striatum could be seen, their

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cannot be admitted as satisfactory, until we are placed in possession

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tion is in general repeated at intervals of twenty-four hours. It is once fed be-

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the magnificent results obtained by Major Russell with his original vaccine,

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caries of the vertebrx, but I am not aware that it occurs in cases where the dis-

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case having a definite history of simple goitre means that a hyper-

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the system of the saliva of a rabid animal; which saliva, being pos-

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Hersfeld. Quantitative Estimation of Bilirubin by Spectrophotometer, Zeit.

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excessive. Of the former, two, Forts Preble and Constitution, are on the

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there was complete paralysis of the right arm, whicli was cold and livid. The

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mononuclears, 4 per cent.; indentate nucleus, 4 per cent.; myelocytes,

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us. Pathology, according to its etymology, will, it is true, include

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pulse is feeble as well as where it is strong and full, and gives many important

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The principal danger from the operation is inflammation of the brain and its

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adduced from the analysis of these recently reported cases of

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Films prepared from the lower layer of the ascitic fluid culture

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We are so taken up with the fascinating problems of bacterial therapy,

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an extremely loud, ringing sound may be heard when the blood-

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result of twenty cases of hemiplegia, twelve cases of paraplegia, and eight cases

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tions of the animal was to drain from the circulating mass its aqueous part, and

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rible consequence of mercurial action in the lymphatic temperament, with

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similar conditions may be produced, as Zeigler pointed out in his

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"inspiratory retraction of the hypochondria and expiratory expan-

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resistless condition of all the parts, from the continued distension they had suffer-

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"With respect to the treatment of this disease, the learned Professor's opinions

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third quarter, tlie ratio of the former is 19, whilst that of the latter is only

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as tuberculous pneumonias probably all arise in this way. General

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Researches in Medicine and Medical Jurisprudence. By Johx B. Beck, M. D,,

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124 northrup: miliary tuberculosis of lungs and skin

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given with practically no effect on the fluid. The patient was so much

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violent, yet in all the animals recovered. He even exhibited the rust of iron

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primary disease, and even enjoys a singular degree of immunity from

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known, and its advantages more correctly appreciated.