The College of Foot Care Practitioners (TCFCP)

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The College of Foot Care Practitioners (TCFCP)

Foot Care Training: Foot Care as a Career

Want a career change, been made redundant, just starting out, and want a recession-proof career where people are happy to see you, where you get paid upfront, and that you can work in part or full time? Become a foot care practitioner!

For a full list of the courses we run, and their dates, see

You’ll also find our courses listed in the events calender on this site.

What do the courses consist of?

first foot care diploma graduates

These ladies were our very first foot care diploma graduates!

The courses consist of a theory component and a practical component. Once you’ve successfully completed and passed the theory element, you’ll be able to join a practical course.

The theory is through distance learning (you do it from home). Depending on your previous knowledge and time commitments, you need to allow 2-12 months to do your theory.

If you already have a qualification in anatomy and physiology, you may be able to go straight to the practical stage – contact us with details of your qualification.

You will also need to do some observational case studies along with your theory
The practical (2 days, 4 days or 2 weeks) takes place at The College of Foot care Practitioners in King’s Lynn.

The 2-week diploma course includes some extra, in-depth theory, and individual business and marketing help.

Who Can be a Foot Care Practitioner/Professional?

People from all backgrounds and ages can become foot care practitioners. If you’re friendly, caring and want to be your own boss, then you can be a foot care practioner! You can start up in practice from 18, and carry on until you want to stop.

** You can download a FREE report on how to become a foot care practitioner – go to

Books by Elizabeth Dutton, Principal of The College of Foot Care Practitioners

Books by Elizabeth Dutton, Principal of The College of Foot Care Practitioners

After doing your course(s), which will I be – a podiatrist or a foot care practioner/ professional?

Our courses will help you have a career as a foot care practioner/professional; they are not podiatry/chiropody degree courses.

To become a podiatrist you need to take a degree in podiatry. To become a ‘foot care pro’, you need a lot less time. Of course, some people get so bitten by the bug they go on to take a degree.

The qualifications you get through this College are accredited by the NCFE and you will be able to set up in business (or work for someone else) right away.

I already do some foot care. Can I expand my knowledge with you?

Yes, of course! We offer a variety of courses and skills training.

Additional Info

Company Website:

Contact name:

Elizabeth Dutton, but all staff will be happy to speak with you

Business phone number:

01553 768661

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Business Address :

4B Tower St
King’s Lynn
PE30 1EJ

Opening days & times:

We’re open from 9.30-2.30 Monday-Friday.
You can drop in to see us, or call, write or email.

Anything else not mentioned above:

Remember you can download a FREE report on how to become a foot care practitioner - go to

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