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skin, especially the corner of the eye, the angle of the mouth, or the
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shaped (31. lanceolatus). As found in the sputum, it is generally paired and
levaquin levofloxacin 500 mg
my case by a few words about this disease. As to what it is, I
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cavity have, in past years, been considered and proved effectual
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and which throw light on the occurrence of dyspnea in heart
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(2) Colorimetric or photometric. Dilute 1 ml of plasma to
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(2) Reduction of molybdate by cuprous oxide. Add to each
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in its use. What will always prevent a very successful serum treatment
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"When injected into animals, the toxine induces pyrexia and other grave
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to resort to tracheotomy previously, it was necessary to have it,
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The chief advantages for hot-water injections are : —
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prominent symptoms are blocking of the nares, and a thick muco-purulent