Add a Foot Care Directory Listing


There are two ways you can add a foot care business listing to this directory.

Option 1: Add your own foot care business listing

Easy: Fill in your business details and have your listing appear


If you want to add a foot care directory listing and then just leave it alone, click here. This option is good if:
  • You are in a hurry
  • You won’t want to edit your listings
  • You aren’t too happy going behind the scenes in websites
Please note, you won’t be able to edit this listing. While we’ll correct any obvious mistakes before you go live, you will need to contact us to update your listing, and that will incur a small fee.
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Option 2: Add your own editable foot care business listing

Familiar with WordPress? Create your own listing that you can update


If you would like to add a listing and be able to update it at any point, click here. This option is good if:
  • You might want to edit/update your listing
  • You are familiar with the ‘behind the scenes’ set up in WordPress
  • Or, if you’re not, you are happy to follow step-by-step instructions with screen shots – coming very soon!
Here’s what to do:
    • First, you’ll need to register on the site to set up an account (opens in new tab/window)
    • When you’ve registered, you can log in through the link on the menu, the footer, this page, or via any page that has a log in form
    • The first time you log in, you’ll see a red notice asking if you want to change your password to something more easy to remember, so you might like to do that! Just click on the link shown, or click on the Profile tab in the left hand menu
  1. When you’ve logged in, look to the left and you’ll see ‘Listings’ in the menu. Click on that and then ‘Add New Listing’
  2. In the box where it says, ‘Enter title here’, put the name of your business
  3. Now scroll to the side/down to below the editing area and fill in the various things you will find. If you have nothing to put, leave a box blank, and then the heading won’t show:
    1. Tick the category or categories you want to appear under
    2. If there is another category you want to appear under (your town name, for example), put it in the appropriate box and we’ll add it for you
    3. Click on the Save Draft button (and do so regularly hereafter)
    4. fill in the ‘Tags’ – that is, put in keywords to do with your business (eg, business name, foot care, town name, nail cutting, etc)
    5. Put in your address and postcode (or longitude and latitude coordinates) into the Google Maps Address box
    6. Add your website address in the Company Website box
    7. Add any social media contacts
  4. The other boxes are self-explanatory
  5. Next, scroll back up, click in the editing area, and add some blurb about your business. You can use bold, italic, bullets, colour, etc, if you wish. Note the editing area is not quite WYSIWYG, but it’s not too far off
  6. Remember to save a draft of your work as you go along
  7. If you wish to add another photo here, or a podcast or video, you’re very welcome. However, don’t upload them to this site/our servers! Please put them on sharing sites (such as YouTube and Flickr) and put the embed code or URL in the web page. (NOTE: You will need to switch to the HTML tab at the top of the editing box to do this; save your work before going back to the Visual tab.)
  8. When you’re finished, click the ‘Submit for Review’ button, and your page will appear for us to verify; we’ll get it live as soon as possible – sorry it can’t go live straight away; blame that on spammers
  9. When your page is live, make sure to Tweet, Share, Like and bookmark!
  10. You will be able to log back in any time to edit your page
Q: I can see other people’s listings? Can they see mine and alter it?
A: No – if you click on them, you’ll go straight to their live page. Each person can only edit their own listings.
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BONUS! Add posts & events

Once verified, directory members may also add posts and events as well as listings – these can be added at any time. Click here for information.