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wa'.ulering p:iiu of aneurism is absent in em{)yema, and in this condition

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when there is but a wound in the soft tissues, but blood effusion is of

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The indurated tissue may be studded with nodules. The nodules may be

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foetal heart, and will be accompanied by distinct mammary changes. The

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alveoli containing a variable number of cells. It is a condition closely re-

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impedes, and raises the pressure in, the venous circulation will cause it.

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phagia, partial or complete aphonia, and inability to protrude the tongue,

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Fercnssioji. — The increased size of the left auricle may cause an increase

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The apex of the lung is studded with firm, hard, gTay, or cheesy nodules,

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epithelium. The alveolar characteristics of the tumor are not so marked

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pleurisy is easily made. Acute pneumonia is the only disease with which

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typhous, phthisical, and syphilitic. The most common forms are those

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crowtlccl .iml iinti-liygicMiic surrouiulings predispose to it. It prevails

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stomach, mamma, liver, or brain.. "When disseminated, it is generally of

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sues the tubercular process is usually manifest in the form of cold

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cocci existing in pairs, as 1 he diplococcus lanceolatus, or the diplo< o<

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men than women, because of their occupations. Persons of great mas-

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and allow the fragments to be pulled apart. This will lengthen the

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change of posture or by a full inspiration, and there will be an irregular

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Neuralgia of Joints. — The term "Neuralgia of a joint" applies to

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be made at the end of the third week, it will present the appearance of a

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pulmonary, and cardiac diseases which retard the returning blood current

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imprisoned in the pleural cavity ; the air is rapidly absorbed by the pleural

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terminate favorably, the amendment is usually gradual. The first sign of

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and scalp, and then gradually extends downward over the trunk and ex-

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pupils become contracted, the eyes suffused, the countenance assumes a dull

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the exception that at the time of extension the lower leg is adducted.

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who is delicate and leads a sedentary life, or is engaged in an occupation

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mucus or pus covers its surface. It may cause dilatation of the oesopha-

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are numerous and infiltrate a large area of the organ, abscesses are formed

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The mucous memlrane of the oesophagus, stomach and small intestine is

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the cells and groups of ceils are for a time suspended. It may be de-

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the opposite, however, does not appear to hold good, but on the contrarj', favors a fatal termination.

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Treatment. — If spasm of the glottis is due to reflex irritation, the cause

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which will cause great depression, death generally following quickly.

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heart, especially if its action becomes irritable and the apex-beat is increased

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rarely gives the hydatid fremitus. An exploratory puncture decides its

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hot, and there is no tendency to perspiration. It appears first upon the

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are not reformed. The rete Malphigii is not reformed, which likely

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In accordance with its symptomatology, cl"oupous laryngitis may be di-

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in a pestiferous region, the temperature should fall below the freezing

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Persistent diarrhcea often precedes death. In senile ])neumonia the tongue

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