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right parietal bone. The extremities cold, respiration slow and

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the cerebral nerves, and are to be considered like these latter,

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and dashing cold water in her face produced no effect. Most

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for the ostensible purpose of making them stand the voyage

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19. "A Case of Fracture of the Skull, followed by Basilar Hemorrhage;

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servation and of deductions from the mortuary statistics of this city (Augus-

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salutary ; but still, there are certain general rules, which will

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quinine, cordials and animal broths. After two or three weeks

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Post paid Catalogues sent upon appplrcation being made therefor.


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and of the yelk, then the yelk-bag dehisces, receives the sperma-

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the presentation is no less obscure. Up to the present period,

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number of the second volume, and improves as it grows older. Dr. Goadby's

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acting Prof, of Mat. Med. in the University of Michigan.

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He then adverted to the subject of congential dislocation (" luxation

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of performed biliverdin. The condition in the intestine on which

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probable that neither solution was a saturated one, the time em-

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copious with rapidly increasing emaciation, we prefer the fol-

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alkaline solutions added to fresh yellow stools turned them

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fracture,) I put two thick woolen socks on the foot ; over these

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unequivocally, both the "nature and the character" of the disease. But

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at least twice as many rectums as wombs, and that there are

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trusting that nineteen out of twenty readers will never take

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Such is a brief history of the remarkable processes belonging

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eighth rib. The lunys were very small, and solid, like liver, lying

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hard palate, extending into the nostril. I have little doubt that, in

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all former occassions, were present, when she was pregnant.

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Dress with boracic acid and sterilized gauze. About thirty-

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as heretofore — two dollars: if not paid during the first three months, two dollars

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of age, of strictly scrofulous constitution, light sandy hair, light

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fessors, those men so surcharged with science that no less than three or