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cn storage, 1 he effect on grade depends on the extent.
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perceived and not clearly differentiated from simple contact of the skin (vide
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dissecting room, a reading room, museum, clinical laboratory, and
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carefully, preferably by giving the patient certain commands (to point to
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usually the handle of a percussion hammer (the stroking reflex). Thermal
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subjects, the other of foreigners ; of the former there are six, of the
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has been made. The neurasthenic must be frequently examined and con-
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to motion and the distance and position of external objects if the movements
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microscopic examination of the blood during a paroxysm, especially when the
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times of the entire side of the body. Neuralgic pains, etc., occur much more
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vanic or constant current. One " indifferent " pole is usually put on the
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George Arthur Humble, M.D. St. Andrew's, .Loo5^,Ji^;?f.
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insane and in other forms of dementia. In the apparently primary hem-
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3 Isnecfll^ZTU lllli: i^'viefghX!"'^"" or -^of gross error on t.e
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medicines, or such as are in general use and not specially prescribed.
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and through purchasing these supplies only from processors wnose naii^s appear in the
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the Society. QenUemen eminently distingoished for their acquire-
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on to the University Doctorate ; for, should he subsequently wish for
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3c. Eteogalca tiMi rMtfnosMslbiiieicc imd iiedtuiticRui firss^disg Btii>prcif«scieit«l
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prescribed. We must utter an urgent warning against narcotics, especially
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inferior cerebellar artery. [II. M. Thomas has noted, in occlusion of- this
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median border of the scapula moves outward and is not parallel to the vertebral
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metrical localization of the paralysis in poliomyelitis in distinction from the
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will show the well-known differences, according to the seat of the lesion (vide
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Eixvdom oft the pMsing d thia Act, that he has piraotioed Vetezinary Sofgerj
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Fairlie Clarke's "Manual of Surgery and Bandages and Splints.
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(i; required by MIL-STD.175, the date (day and nwnth) and the t1f?!e (A,M, or
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marked protrusion of the tendon of the tibialis anticus muscle (" tibialis
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regular session of the college." This permission to reduce or remit
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consists in writing reports of a certain number of medical and surgical
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without interruption until the 31st of August. Aspirants to the title
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almost always come on later. Those cases especially are to be regarded as
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petition with institutions which do not receiye State aid.
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type. The enlargement of the external lymphatic glands is, indeed, absent,