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hypothesis. As it is not usually fatal, little progress seems ta
especially over the trachea. It is safer to select the superior por-
tion of reaping laurels at the expense of undue risk to the patient.-
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I think, that so far, it has altogether failed. Many valuable contributions
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the respiration hurried, the appetite is impaired, frequent
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ergot were now administered, of about eight grains each, at inter-
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propriety, have been denominated yellow fever. The march of the
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tion and its perfect arterialization, and thus giving rise to causes
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ious, and a stool produced by stimulating enema is large, fecal and
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vait a les calmer." (Merat et Delens. Supplement to Die. de Mat.
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ceeded in getting the epidemic stopped, pox. We have had quite a struggle in
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physical destitution are prolmbly the most important.
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and anus. Decomposition takes place very rapidl}' except in
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Dr. Ames seems to think it very strange that, on one occasion
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Succus conii (P. B., Allen and Hanbury's, 1865) 3iiss
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more certain. You may now place your side was normal. She now has symptoms
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mentary nutrition," are better ascertained. According, then, to
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stration would be brought to bear, on any of the subjects alluded to, if some
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alteration. The lips of the os uteri were swollen, and of a dull red,
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carbolic acid, 5 per cent. Balsam Peru and lattice-wise so as to afford drainage. Rub-
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the actual deaths among the different races ferent occupations.
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or brown. It is easily removed, leaving a more or less granu-
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§ 78. Morbid anatomy. The nature and extent of the
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sometimes exists. The urine frequently contains albumin,
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any advantage — on the contrary, they usually do harm. In such
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exposed before convalescence was complete suffered a tempo-
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"The Preparation which mado Cea kaown as a r«a»edy!"
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aperient dose of rhubarb and soda, to clear away any indigestible
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stomach.'' And let it be again called to mind, also, that in his
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adverted to are absent or scarcely perceptible. There are no tonic
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patient becomes all important. Veal broth, with panada and
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epidemic, and when unaccompanied with black vomit, is followed
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ahvays additional reason for strengthening the function of pri-
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teum on one side of the median line, to avoid hemorrhage from
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tained no soda, and its oxidizing power, as measured by pure
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diameter is about 8 microns. In one specimen there appeared to
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