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flammation, and exasperated febrile action are the consequences. I

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does not cough, no other symptom may be noticed again that night,

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"We have received a circular from F. Seeger, M.D., 307 East

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In the treatment of chronic diseases, it may often happen that

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are called sympathies exist, or impressions of some kind or other

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all the fame Cafes, there not being much difference

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ing, he had been freely purged, and had discharged a considerable

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have been applied to his temples, and repeated two or three times the

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half of the task ; its verification in sickness constitutes the other,

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fever was of an insidious nature, not characterised by any prominent

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Westwards and southwards from Warsaw, it spread rather slowly to-

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period of about two months ago, when it was observed to be on the de-

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would herself call for her gargle and steaming, then expectorate pro-

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linked round Stalks, five or fix Inches high, bearing

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loss of blood from the leech-bites, the eruption vivid and already esta-

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by the supervention of sudden hemorrhage from some of the large vessels

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the principles and practice of surgery, medicine, and midwifery, claim,

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the cases to which I have already referred, and it coincides, in a very

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outbreak of the disease.^ Up to the 24th of June, 1832, (that is

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days, and appeared at intervals of six or seven months ; latterly they used

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Scmeleder reports a similar case, where the epiglottis and the

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upon the nerve itself, or its extremities, and unattended with danger.

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our brethren that we, on the outposts of civilization, are planting the stand-

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could easily have had them printed, but feared that they would share

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paralysis yielded, in both patients, in the course of ten days or a fort-

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pelves and infundibula of the kidneys were dilated, and contained a

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cell. But this primitive cell combines at a later period with a

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of Sciences at Paris in 1845, and" which embrace observations for

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one, high fever and great restlessness. Prostration from want of

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person in constant attendance, prepared to meet every emergency, and

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different Medical Societies, and thus enabled them to present, every

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life. He remarked, although it might have been originally the product

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di£Pused through them, imparting a brownish color. The more

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night, if sleepless. Improvement in all the symptoms was rapid

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three sterilizing rooms. These were all white enameled, centrally

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chairman of the Bureau, Henry M. Smith, M.D., 107 Fourth Avenue,

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immediate and remote, were placed in a separate part of the camp and

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by the most enlightened and experienced physicians — depletion by lan-

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