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moderate increase in size of the thyroid gland over which thrills

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connected with it. If vomiting ensues, the patient is quietly asked to

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Sugars are very rapidly absorbed from the stomach, and, as

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bear with impunity, and which do not alarm the patient and friends,

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tube furnished with a cock ; with another shorter tube, one end attached

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cause her climate is so dry and free from fungi, which do

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forts, what is the result? The deadly tubercle bacillus finds

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100° F. He is then removed, and again placed in the bath when he

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to all who read and reflect on them. The next number is to be

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abeyance, unless baths have been used from the beginning. In the

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the system, which is at length excited into desperate efforts

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depletion retards the toxaemia and the secondary infection.

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practical use, owing largely to difficulty in administration. This out-

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with both hands. Colder water is added from vessels prepared for the

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cells, etc., why would not blood be a remedy to check the on-

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patient soon becomes profoundly prostrated or experiences a feeling of

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heart, they also increase its force. These results are undoubtedly brought

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acid is present in the blood in these diseases, as it is in gout,

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wrapped in a woollen cloth, and the " fatigue curve" of the right and left

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lung-tissue. Usually, then, the disease is a local one at the start, but

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Musser, distinguished authors and teachers, Wallace, Stryker,

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and if salol is used, it splits up into carbolic and salicylic acids,


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Dry Island, near Morrisburg, Ontario, owned by ]\Ir. .1. W.

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kenhaus, from 1874 to 1876, we owe all that is known of its applica-

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F. differs from that of water applications at 110° (both being within

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