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all races of mankind : — to the hardy white setlers of Canada, the abori-
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tendance w^as quite good, and the discussions on various medical
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arguments which they used against it have done more for its advance-
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" Eamine also,"*' to quote the words of Dr. Lalor in his grapliic de-
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by giving a few grains of Dover^s powder at bed-time.
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On motion of Messrs. G. W. Smith and Boericke, Art. YI. of the
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heels, of a faint, light crimfon colour. Thefe being
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toms, there was sensation of great weakness in the abdomen, which
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rona Terra : and in Englifh , Ground-Ivy , Alehooj. \
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and dispensaries should be established in every city ; onr societies
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the fragments which have been collected, it is apparent that she con-
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used to come on at irregular intervals; about 1833, he began to fall
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January 15, 1827. — Robert Parmer, aged 19. Has been ill five
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for successful military operations in modern warfare have to be re-
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the only fatal case in the record up to this time. A period of two
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with a thorough knowledge of his subject, to gain entrance to our
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" The first-named action of Cannabis assimilates it to Ajns, Can-
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nomena that its progress could not be ascribed to the action of the
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Commonwealth, and neither the legislature nor the people would de-
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selves. Applying this principle to the subject of paraplegia, we shall
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of mental torpor, is daily ceasing, and the time has passed away when
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can try it again in a day or two ; for although your patient does not
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to pressure ; stools light-yellow. In some cases the sudaraina and
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He may devote one session to lectures on chemistry, another to those
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should seldom exist in fever regularly treated ; these are chiefly cases
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Thomson, Hastings, "W. Philip, James, Burns, and Marshall Hall,