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immunity. Here the problem is probably a chemical one, analogous in
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The Science and Art of Obstetrics. By Sheldon Leavitt,
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instances a simple congestion of the os being treated by eschar-
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come distended with parasites and rupture. Each para-
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made at the time of his fall attack, and said that he felt so much
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admission the vital capacity was 1000 c.c, or 33 per cent, of
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control, the effectiveness of the larvicidal program, and
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skim-milk, appears to be more potent for mischief than fresh milk. It
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of the effects of alcoholism in producing insanity and idiocy.
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it is customary to start treatment with timothy pollen, not enough
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Dr. Talbot therefore offered the following vote, which was
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Etiology. — Whooping-cough occurs in frequent and either localised
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Day 0/ 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 II 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
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has been immersed in the solution for another 10 or 15
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This society held its thirty-third annual meeting at the Nar-
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equipped with ground in pipettes that carry rubber bulbs.
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development. The two countries which have suffered most from it in this
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their treatment given in this book. The remedies referred to are
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end. Case IV came to my office from another state, and seemed
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trated solution suffices. Stopper the flask and mix the
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ened state. This condition lasted but a few hours, and no other
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of the lids in addition in twenty days. In a third case, five-drop
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riched with a few drops of serum, is also an excellent
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tures below 25° has slightly more, at above 25° slightly less, than 1.1000 times the density of
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i. Certain neurotropic viruses causing varieties of encephalitis
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college building on the Broad Street front of the college grounds.
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earth, and in the islands of the sea. The Mohammedan and the
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Degenerations, inflammation, and repair, hypertrophy and atrophy,
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the phosphoric-tungstic acid reagent and 100 mg of silver iodate
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tion, lasting for six or seven weeks at a time. At the end of one
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invaders are peculiarly prone to occur and even to produce
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concentrated in the cells. Of the plasma constituents ordi-
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latter eventually passing into the circulation. Hence, according to Ehrlich, these