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calves, and 939,666 carcasses of hogs. Sacks and barrels of meat were
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often led to serious, and even fatal, effects. Nausea
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arguments as could otherwise be made against restrictions on our
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creatic duct, thus causing stasis and regurgitation
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renal insufficiency have been noted after parathyroidectomy. We have
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the said river to the northwest corner of Norfolk County ; thence south along the west-
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The patient was a Hindu male, aged 38 years. He liad botli a history
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two or more inspectors pass independently upon the same carcass, and on account of
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unloaded at any point in the modified quarantined area other than the same cars from
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The Pathology of a Case of Dermatitis Herpetiformis (Duhring). By
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^Qust contain only ham or tongue, as the case may be. Shoulders
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(1949); E. E. Wadlow, St. Joseph (1950); J. Milton Singleton,
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those of tile splaiielini<' area are most sensitive, whereas those of tho
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physical and chemical changes. The relationship of the various
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in mind, too, that the consumption in several of the large packing
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cell sarcoma. I like to see the predominant cells the
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ing floor and tanks. The celling was low, and the room generally was in the most filthy
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gamma-rays exert primarily a destructive action on the acinar epi-
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a letter from the chairman of the executive committee
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or Ingredients which render such meat or meat food products unsound, unhealthful,
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Healing of Intestinal Satnres. By F. P. mall, M. D.
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