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Diaphoresis. — In the first place, then, our therapy may be diapho-

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Source of the Proteins. — Experience has taught us the following

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at Cawnpore in 1853, when the artillery escaped, while the 70th

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were found, microscopically, in the contents of the nodule. The

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the inclination of the brim or inlet, and that of the outlet as de-

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were getting weak ; but he did not observe any muscular enlarge-

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done it. To him belongs the credit of having placed the capital

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deltoid and biceps, on both sides. He also had a sharp pain over

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and of variations of human susceptibility. They will, no doubt,

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down, pushing back the uterus, if it should happen to get inverted.

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containing arsenic (see p. 161), or of cacodylate of soda or atoxyl sub-

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lies perfectly still, giving occasionally a low suppressed whine.

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Excessive Secretion. — If the laryngitis is accompanied by an

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years. For some time back Mr Nasmyth has been in but feeble

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the points that merit attention during the empirical trials now

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elasticity. Although the red disk, rendered spherical by the action

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or intestinal troubles should be careful not to ingest too much sugar lest

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morphine.] In case it proves impossible to remove the cause of the sleep-

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The present series consists of twenty-seven casts. These include

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Many cases of severe diabetes benefit by limiting them for a time to

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of philosophy, and he speaks despitefully of all metaphysics as

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plicated with the protrusion of a hernia in this region.

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In some it produces all the symptoms of drunkenness ; in almost all

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houses, their gaseous matters poisoning the atmosphere, and their

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crease in the oedema or in the body-weight on this amount, the quantity

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our being aware of the fact. I have occasionally been startled

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Specific Medication : Iron. — So far as medication is concerned, there

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saying that a careful watch must be kept on the nervous and circulatory

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dried material is weighed, then placed in a porcelain-ball mill together with an equal