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avoided ; thai the body should occasionally be thoroughly aired, and that no means
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angular position, they decompose light considerably ; so much so, that
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Or this patient may have but one symptom — a sore tongue;
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renal working capacity the maximum point in sodium chlorid
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chief states of Europe, was held in Paris in 1851, and continued its sittings for
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preface tells us that, ''the chapter on anaesthetics has been
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ladies to have six children in seven years, all single births! In all cases of this
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believed, of persons, who had performed their quarantine, resorting
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to prevent pregnancy, and the husbands meanwhile have intercourse with both the
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(he observes) is always associated with marks of violence, or is
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XXI. Case of Aneurism of the lower peart of the Common
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1867, that the increase in the number of deaths, 960, as con-
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decolorised blood-clots, portions of bone and cartilage broken
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drying the suspected fluid, dissolving by a dilute acid^ and then
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their own digestive powers should selecl therefrom those kinds best suited to their
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immense benefit conferred on womankind by this highly lauded
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now in full health and vigor, and from the power and influence of your inestimable
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turcica is quite large, with almost complete destruction of the
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if. perchance, Hie guilty individual escape death, is restored to partial health, and
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in the infant, arising from cold, when no sensation of cold is experienced by the
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Other kinds there are, however, which are not so readily
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in number and smaller in size in proportion to the increase of
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1. Allen, F. M., and Sherrill, J. W.: Jour, of Metabolic Research, vol. 2, 1922
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diversity of opinion upon religion, or rather this sectarianism, are often lamentable in
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5. That little reliance is to be placed in any of the hitherto
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slow downward progress under these circumstances might in-
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was not performed^ in consequence of the patient's refusal to
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fore its birth. And here it should be borne in mind, that the child is formed entirely
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Second Stage. — Three to four days of sugar-water. This is given as a
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only in rare cases, and does not seem to assume that horrible and fatal form which
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have written with care and give the honest results oi their
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this its presumed condition has recently become the subject of
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contains more or less of albumen, as it is clear or thick, or as it
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tion presents no difficulty, and is easily recovered from ; drd, that in
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It is proposed in this communication^ by the author^ to point out
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course, no quarantine restrictions throughout the continuance of the Crimean war.
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changed, and made more nourishing, after which he rapidly
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they are prepared, have stood the assaults of the medical faculty from the first in-
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Case \%.-^Chorea ; nervous centres congested, fhrinous deposits
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Is a very fiery, red pimple, or spot, similar to the salt rheum, while on the skin.
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1921 the weakness and limpness of the left arm returned and
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though the only evidence for this assumption consists in the