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less force in the stream, denotes atony of the bladder, enlarged pros-

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tinued for a long time. If, after a time, the heart's action cannot be con-

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the changes arc l)ut an advanced stage of an acute process.

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96. Diagram showing the mode of production of cardiac murmurs 476

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often resemble a septic intoxication like sapremia. Later, after the

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chilling the turgid tissues, and gives comfort and hastens recovery by re-

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curs in dilatation of the right ventricle. In i)ersons with thin chest-walls,

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acute infectious diseases one is compelled to wait until the time for the ap-

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splenic tumors by its lower site, absence of splenic notch, absence of blood

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result of any chronic inflammation of the bone, it may be located

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ilenly (lurinpj tlio initial chill, aiid in two to three hours aflcr it may ranf,'e

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swollen and tender. !N'asal diphtheria is in a few instances primary. The

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the abscess; when it is due to a carious spine it is accompanied by

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catarrh is subsequently developed, and the general venous cougestit)n with-

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testine, abdominal wall, and adjacent organs. Its -pm. 89.

anorexia documentary youtube

and by lying on the right side. Jaundice is rare, but when the new tissue

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Treatment. — It should be remembered that the jaundice is only a symp-

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ties. The mucous membrane of the stomach and rectum is oftenest the