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renal gland that has shown persistent good health for three years.

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The volume of the pulse beyond the aneurysm is also lessened, and in cases

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smaller vessels, increased cardiac action is essential to meet the demands

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to the marked reduction in the quantity of the blood {oligemia). This

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phy. The distinction between the ' haupt ' and ' beleg ' cells cannot be

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This method must be continued for many months. Frenkel has recently

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some"what the size and altering the shape of the organ.

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particularly of the left ventricle. In chronic cases fatty degeneration

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nephritides, one of which (a micrococcus of characteristic groAvth and

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by any practitioners who have not had large opportunities for obser\'ing children." — Ameri-

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and cattle was one and the same disease. Murphy, who described the

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history and all the circumstances under which individual cases occur.

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the only one that may be regarded as a true type. The only pathologic

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appear,, and increases to quite an amount, as shreds or masses,

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due to obstruction of the smaller ducts by the distention of the hepatic

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in the new-born. It is evidenced by shaUou\ rapid breathing, livid-

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tion of larger concretions may be delayed. When the tendency is to

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L. 4. Paral^'sis as above, except internal rotation of thigh is possible.

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relation to it. It frequently occurs apparently as the immediate result

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been found. Among predisposing influences the following have been

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sensation is often lowered), reddened, sometimes edematous, and local

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pericardium do not allow the lungs to overlap the heart during inspira-