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I in 100. The results with extracts of pea flour were quite similar. Immunizing
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in a cranial presentation, shortly after birth you will almost always
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opsonic index rose above normal, but the phagocytic power of the
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hold us as agreeing with Dohrn in ascribing to the promontory the
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1 The tran slator is confessedly at a loss as to the meaning of this sentence.
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of chemical reactions has been satisfactorily demonstrated in many
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recovery. How these leucocytes are thrown off I do not pretend
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a o. 2 per cent mercuric chloride solution is twice as efficient (will
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Bryden's views, often giving the results only at which he has
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tant to determine the effect of extensive fractionation with
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of suspended solids is about as good as that attained with a
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proof of his proposition, they adduce abundant evidence to show
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only two instances out of the last 144 cultures studied did we find
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the pain almost invariably referred to the back of the head, the
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it is to push the trochar in very slowly. [I have always used Potain's
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coccus. Our experience in this investigation, however, impressed
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bed, wet or only slightly dried. If he does not get warm of his own
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formaldehyde may be prevented by placing the patient near an open
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ever, that after four months' use it was dug out and replaced by a
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arrest the advance, forms the fulcrum round which, under a constantly
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Only 5 hearing girls altogether took the fever, though the dor-
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overacidified when it reaches the intestine, and so the bile, pancreatic, and
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to avert an incipient coma; two such cases have fallen under the author's
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monary vessels might easily explain the rapidity and extent of the
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far has not been mentioned because in cardiac hydrops the author never
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joint Examining Board for that part of the kingdom to which they belong, and
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zation, its intensity in different portions of the province often de-
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amounts (1-1.5 G. (15-22 gr.) to 60 G. (2 oz.) of water), a small
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teria. This suggests the necessity of carefully washing or peeling fruit,
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arrange the point of the pipette just below this object under the
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long time. It is, under any circumstances, better for the patient to
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between the number of cells in the milk and the number of leukocytes in the blood
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