Demo Foot Care Post

Demo Foot Care Post

Do you have an article, news or opinion piece around the subject of foot care? You can add it to this site! Read on to see how.

You can also upload audio and video.

See a full instructions here (includes screen shots); you can view them online, print off or save.

How to submit a foot care post

  1. If you haven’t already, set up a user account on this page ; then check you inbox and click on the verification link
  2. Once you have a user account, you can log in through this page, the login page, the ‘submit an event’ page, or through 
  3. When you’ve logged in:
    1. Look to the left and locate ‘Posts’ in the menu, near the top
    2. Click ‘Add New’, and a new post/blog page will open up
    3. Fill in your title, making it sound interesting, and including a key word or phrase 
    4. Fill in the details in the main box
    5. Tick which categories you want the post to appear under
    6. Add tags (words relevant to your post)
    7. Set an image you want featured (see sidebar, bottom left); please make it 150px wide; if you don’t have an image, no matter
    8. If you wish to add another graphic, audio or video, paste the html code in the html tab, or use the media uploader
    9. If you wish, scroll to the bottom and fill in the SEO boxes
    10. Click the ‘Publish’ button which you’ll see to your left
    11. Go to the website and click on the articles link and you’ll see you post there
  4. NOTE: If you want to create your post today but don’t want it to appear until another day, alter the date in the sidebar (top right)
  5. NOTE: Do the main bit of writing in Word (or similar) first, so that if the internet goes off, your work isn’t lost! 
  6. Please save in draft mode as you go along, and the fully save using the ‘publish’ button at the end. (This stops the post being Tweeted numerous times!) 

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