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ments of the bowels and abundant slimy discharges may be associated

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The conspicuous nature of the nervous symptoms has led numerous

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permanent in its influence, as the tumors have no tendency to return.

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the lungs, and are usually more abundant in the lower lobe. Infiltrating

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and weak, but becomes slower and stronger with the beginning of respira-

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the temperature after the third or fourth day, and the presence of a sen-

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DIAGNOSIS. The diagnosis in rabies depends upon the peculiar respi-

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mixture of blood serum and bouillon recommended by Loeffler, colonies

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and contain abundant curds. This variety of acute enteritis may be

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On physical examination the abdomen is found distended either in

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swelling, and distention of the foot, giving way of the arch, destruction

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greatly increased, so that percussion of a nerve may have no effect, but

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The larger gummata form tumors of the skin and mucous membranes,

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to the constant uncertainty as to freedom from discomfort, there is always

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oughly cooked spinach, macaroni stewed in milk, and rice, are the first to

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found in poisoned animals atrophic degenerations of the intestinal glands

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gastric neurosis is that of the diseases in which they occur as symptoms.

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cence begin from the third or fourth day. To this condition the term

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to produce so complete a general relaxation as to mask the hemiplegia is

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Erhlich's test the diazo-reaction is of limited value in the recog-

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of nerve-elements, all enclosed in the greatly distended nerve-sheath. The

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death not infrequently taking place suddenly and unexpectedly, often

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adhesions are formed between it and the surrounding structures. The

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ulcer. The symptoms are suggestive of subacidity, and the contents of

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iodized oil, may be used locally. No drugs, except laxatives, are of any

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give most security against such evil influences, must be allowed to be

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stage by appropriate treatment. The prognosis thus is favorable as to

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professional and social life and as a Christian, and was listened to

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are sometimes valuable. Hot baths and hot packs are often of service

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doses of from ten to fifteen grains, but care is necessary to avoid its too

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One of the most important questions to be decided is as to the necessity

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DIAGNOSIS. The recognition of cancer of the pancreas depends largely

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low (xipp6q}. whence the term "cirrhotic." The yellow shades of color

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