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tysis is not infrequent. The presence of brain symptoms is in favor of
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Internal Hemorrhage is a condition where there is bleeding into one
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It may result from the presence of foreign bodies, especially calculi.
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be kept on a nutritious liquid diet. The urinary secretions should be
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5. No thickening around the ulcer. 13. It occurs at any age.
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Those may destroy the se])tiiiu and establish a communication between the
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of digestion, and each individual is a law unto himself in this matter. A
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The Mood is darker and thicker than normal, there is an increase in
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their maturity, their protoplasm contracts, they become trabeculated,
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distended there is more or less pain, which is nearly always located in " the
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3. Later deformity. Later in the disease, because of the muscular
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lacking confirmation. The enfeeblement of the walls of the capillary ves-
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will be considered under the head of urinary sediment, as they generally
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person is often knock-kneed or bow-legged and there is curvature of
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the evacuation of the tumor. To accomplish this result it should be care-
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certain deviations from the ordinary course. The paroxysms may be
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daily from gr. xv. to gr. xx. of the sulphate of quinine, can prevent parox-
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intestine. AVhen diseases of the liver can be exx'ludcd, local causes in the
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into the pleural cavity (causing pyo-pneumothorax), or into the pericar-
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comfort, and these attacks are repeated at intervals for a long period.
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of the patient, they should be used in the treatment of the disease.
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centuries. In the middle of the last century it reached England, and in
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inflammatory products, swelling of the glands, and extensive supi)uration.
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hypodermically, warm baths, and the application of hot poultices to the
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tions of the shoulder. In this injury the head of the bone is
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dark green color, and contains bile pigment. The liver is enlarged and
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Symptoms. ^T he prominent rational symptoms of oedema of the lungs
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» If inflammation is an arrest of function, and not diversion of agents of nutrition into new channels
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cence, are seen. Vomiting is rarely present, although nausea is a common
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tion. — Myocarditis. — Degenerations. — Atrophy. — Rupture. — Thrombosis.
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the most important organic constituents are urea, uric acid, hippuric acid,
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In using the iodide of potash, the patient should be placed in bed and all
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there is distention of the abdomen due to accumulation of gas in the intes-
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inches wide, the torn part of the bandage comprising about half its
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of delicate, gray, translucent, miliary granules, varying in size from a pin's
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often gets into the tissues through abrasions of the nasal mucous mem-
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sometimes justitiable. I'c is of doubtful curative value, and may hasten
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condition, there is great clanger of the fracture be-
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190. Encapsulated trichinae in voluntary muscle ' 957
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and pleurae show j90s^-w?or/e»i staining. Epithelial changes are very com-