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pneumonia on the eleventh day, in which gangrene of both pulmonary

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and the thin muscular portion of the flexor metatarsi which separates

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noticed a small tender pimple by the side of the anus ; this enlarged

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ligament, — the chance of arthritis is less, and the anterior portion of the-

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hours, keeping attendants on the watch all night ; instances of ptosis

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and seconded by Dr. Hughes (Denbigh), and agreed to — "That the

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of the sublumbar region, and adherent to the diaphragm, is a

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became extremely difficult and asphyxia threatened. Tracheotomy

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last visit; her breathing was quiet; the pupils were normal and acting;

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sider the relations existing between the tuberculosis of mammals and

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tinued nine hours. At seven o'clock, he awoke and wanted something

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crapy lining. The right lung is that represented (see Fig. 58). The

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a pericardium (containing a considerable amount of fluid sufficient to

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Europe by preventing measures from being adopted to arrest its progress

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3. I think that the charter of the College gives too much power to

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on its hocks, to make a sudden movement and fall over. Just at this

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twisted through 90 deg. in passing through the lens. From the two edges

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fcetus, and the child's head was at the brim of the pelvis, pressing