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On exposure to the air it slowly loses valerianic acid.
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and caustics, as carbolic acid in glycerin (see p. 329).
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nent in the air. Soluble in 1.9 parts of water, and in 13
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food given by the mouth, or, if vomiting is persistent, by the
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fever, 6 — typhoid fever, 1 — hiv^moiThagc, 2 — disease of the heart, 4 — infiutile disease, 6— .
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the remedy was faithfully tried. The patient was a strong, ro-
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Uses. — Cod liver oil is indicated generally in conditions
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and paralysis of the vessel walls (low tension). 3. Forcible
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this institution ; and he and Dr. Thomas Addis Emmet are now its
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stage of acute bronchitis, in chronic bronchitis, and in
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Salivation occurs when pilocarpine is injected into the gland
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Preparations. — Pilulae asafoetidee (gr.iii. each) ; dose — D.^
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Chloral is only indicated in chorea when the movements are
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Vascular tension is increased not only by contraction of
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and how different the treatment should be, though so generally the
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peculiar odor, and oily, bitterish taste. Foenugreek contains
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emetic for dogs in many conditions, as poisoning. It should
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rence across the lumbar region and umbilicus was 5 ft. 4 in., and
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Derivation. — Neutralize the residue left in the manufac-
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the patient. On the eleventii day after the wound, several fragments
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you an account of a case which came under my observation about
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a vegetable proteid ; while white of egg, casein of milk, and
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4. What winds most troublesome to consumptive patients?
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t Medical and Surjriral Memoir*, l)y Nathan Smltb, M.D. Edited by Nathan R. Smith,
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effusion, however great may be the complications with other diseases
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ed with ease, but could not push with any force with the left hand, or
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every respect like those for pills. We may write the above
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it to stand until cool, crystals form. Stirring during cooling
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and guides him to a slight extent in the choice of food ; but with
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in an illustrated pamjihlet. The jxirtion removed by Dr. Garihu'r
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yet wc can never be certain, in any particular case, that the euro
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tected by Dr. Folwarczny in the ash of human blood and muscular tissue. It has
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occurred after doses of 20 or 25 grains, although these are
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powerful microbicides. A 1 per cent, solution of formalin
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spoken of : tar, yellow wax and honey, ^ lb. each ; lard, 1^
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dows 80, widowers 38 : born in the United States 687, Ireland 190, Eng-
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tenacious clots, Avheu employed to arrest haemorrhage, and
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lot to read. It is made up of the most heterogeneous materials, the
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equal parts) for its anodyne action, but has probably little