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son who has not been vaccinated and has not had small-pox cannot

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vertebrae, twelve dorsal ami five lumbar. The sacrum is formed

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disturbed, the muscular walls of the heart to hypertrophy, and its

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congestion of the brain and is especially serviceable in meningitis and

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The taking of pills and harsh cathartics are prominent causes.

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mediately relieved and goes about apparently as well as ever.

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small meals may not be sufficient for the momentary necessities and

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surface is a very common injury and one that is comparatively void

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if used in moderate, non-intoxicating ciuantities it lessens the excre-

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Hygienic measures are essential. The will power must be strength-

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but of this eruption Thursfield could only find descriptions of 46 cases.

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in our case we were able to detect Eberth's bacillus together with tlie

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substance seems to have changed to fat and the organ is enlarged,

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ture falls and pain is materially diminished. It will generally be

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to work a cure, and in some quinine has been found beneficial.

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of suitable and sufficient nourishment becomes the more difficult in

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iau; gota in Spanisli. Otlier names liave also been employed in

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With the establishment of college laboratories for in-

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excitement should be avoided by the patient, until recovery has fully

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recommended; for example, 6 or 8 grams of bicarbonate of sodium a

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It is in the cartilage that the process of inflammation begins.

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injury, often unobserved at the time, or perhaps only faintly re-

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duce the infection or contagion ; as, however, they furnish an

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vanced period of gout. Every cause, therefore, that tends to increase

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tient can decompose onh^ small ciuantities of fat. If such a patient

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It is an established fact in pathology that joint troubles occur as.

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