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the capsule for relatively long periods, causing symptoms like those of goitre,
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of the kidney, there is usually no hypertrophy of the other organ, while such
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! Mills system (sec pajre 'J2*i) found in the lieart, iloes not an'ect it.
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III ill- i""]. |i:,N 1„.ii t,,.,l,.ii. 11 I- ill., SMI ml.. ;i i irt It 1>\ llir tiii-i t III. -iMp Iiliii, ll-'i^ti!
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1.11 inastiiatidii i.f |.alatal'lc fdiiil fur I'O miiiiit.'S 1.17
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danger of uterine h^emorrliagies, at least, may fre-
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^Journal of Genito-urinary and SHn Diseases, New York, 1898.
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influenced by the degree of fatigue in the muscles examined. It may be
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The digestive functions in the early stages are usually not affected. Men-
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a salisfarloi-y loiistanl. so llial llic roinpariMin iiiiisl not In' liiaili- lii'twi'i'ii
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near the skin many sensory liliers split into several liriiiiehes, some ,.'
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T'li the iiinre ilelailcd iii\ est iualinn nf the naliire i>( the \ai:us eniilinl
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of the inhabitants. In Canton Wallis, in the valleys of the Rhone and its
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Uetained acid SO i)lasiiia t'O. constant x v \V ^' •
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which later represent osteoblasts and bone corpuscles. The spaces are the
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"hieh the iiKlividual has made the loreed ..xpiratioii to rush in and fill
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by such writers as Trousseau, Wunderlich, Wilks, and a few others from
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Another i)eenliaiily of the ])nInionary eirenlatioii is that the ealihei
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membrane, filled with serum or gelatinous material, and sometimes asso-
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The presence of casts and an increased amount of albumin points to pyelo-
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Due to the distribution of the bloodvessels we sometimes find that the areas
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lying intoxication. Several cases of myasthenia gravis have been reported
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obliterated. Since the head in the case mentioned above (the girl aged
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or vagina does not provoke pain. He thiuKs it is a cystalgia of reflex origin,
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the sif^ht and smell of jjood food does not appear to .itTect materiallx
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wln'icas ill till' case of skeletal iiiiiseli' it ran lie (Icinonst rated only jir >
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iiioiiisi'iis t(i lunxc Inwiirils that siili'. llu' ilfuiic of iiinvi'iiH'iit ln'iiiLr V<"
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absent. When such a process occurs under normal conditions, it is quit'
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"int..,' tl,,i,i ,|,i,-i„^. tl,.. s„lt|-v .lays of .I„ly an.! A,l-„st.
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conditions may be due to one and the same cause, developing independently
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are classed by some writers as hypothyroid states, but their position is not
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represent a scarred, healed area whose function is nil, and which would give
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the general character of this man, I find he is given to
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even later. In some cases relapses and remissions mark the progress of the
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i.'.'iii.lini; tliis I'liiiin. Klrsli |iiiii<Ti'iitic .jiliri- wlini injicti'l into tin-
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other, might be discussed at length, but seems unnecessary, as each case has
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better to give the stomach absolute rest for a day or two, no food
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liiti'i-, tlii-y iliiMiiii|iosc sii iis to iilili/c tlic i'iiiT<iy «]iicli tllc oi'Killlislii
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lint slicML'lliciis llu' vciitiiciiliii- lii'at. It is clciii', Imw ex cr, tliat llir
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Biedl, Blum, and others, causing a rise of blood pressure so marked that
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fliaf the I'litiif availalil.' Iilixxi supply of llic luitly is iiiaiji' to cirrul;!!
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• i\i' till' satiii' tri'iii lal ..'I'liuih iilatinns. I'"ni' fli,. aiiiiliiMtimi <<( tliis (.fnip
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that is essential for crowlh. This very important eoneliisicui was fiiJK
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of diverticula and hydronephrosis, is shown by the fact that in early cases
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part company, the patient to see if some other practitioner (too often some
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• !■ trniw ini: infant is li> nu nnaiis relatively ri<'li in |)r()tein. lie enn-