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a patient, whom from certain peculiarities I remem-
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that it may be fitted to form a part of the red corpuscles, we know
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it has been long accustomed ; and dyspepsia has been traced
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tone of the muscular fibre without diminishing its mobility.
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isolated from animals maintained at 21° C and grown under the same
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In paralytic cases of long standing, in which the original cause, if
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indicates the circumstances under which it may be used. It is. supposed,
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cashire, a man died with a cheese in bis belly, by drinking new milk upon
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eye beams mildly, the storm clears from his brow, and the
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diminishing the caliber of the blood-vessels, and thus lessening the colour
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stances, the vision is not affected, and the nervous centres of the retina,
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into probably unmerited disrepute, and has been a1)aDdoned by the
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the delicate nerves of the skin. The effect of cold water
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laxation of the tissues. In these compbiints they are less obviously
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Tannic acid in solution is one of the HubHtaneeg which has been
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strated. Single housing eliminates the huddling of mice and con-
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geously given when others prove offensive. The affection to which it is
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levels, and whose perpetual modernness startles and
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result of high or low ambient temperatures, but no consistent effects
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stimulating digestion ; a copious perspiration was produced,
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its progress, filling its ranks with half-educated men,
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solution after cutting the dorsal vein of the tail thoroughly cleaned
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the stomach, and that of the urinary passages, and to moderate general
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cholic, this food is not proper ; and there cannot be a more
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quently exercises for financial purposes, without keeping
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At the meeting of the two Commanders, Richard Cceur de
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long continued, it at length exhausts excitability, and then produces nj
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ne peuvent pas resister a cette epreuve." — Foedere, torn. v. chap. i. ■
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positive staphylococci, and undoubtedly other agents will be detected
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Hion of them belongs to treatises on the practice of medicine. My olject
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as they contain one or more of these principles, or in the pro-
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edies mainly to be relied on. Such a condition occasionally takes place
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in that form, in the process for preparing the salt, there is left behind al
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surface of the earth, with a part below, or with the whole
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