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‘If I were to tell you about a place where thousands of feet were amputated every year as a result of poor healthcare, you would assume I was talking about somewhere in the developing world. Well, you’d be wrong. The fact is that here in the UK, thousands of people with diabetes have amputations every year.’ Barbara Young, CEO Diabetes UK

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Ways to control emotional overeating Mon, 29 Oct 2012 07:34:58 +0000 Foot Care Directory Share

Are you overweight and/or diabetic? The chances are that you sometimes eat as an emotional response rather than from hunger – and what you eat at these times is probably sugary, fatty or salty, or a combination, which all just help you want more.

As you’ll know, foot care is harder if you do have excess lbs, and there’s a double whammy if you have diabetes. Helping control your eating is a good first step to helping your foot health.


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New foot care clinics cutting waiting times Thu, 25 Oct 2012 19:41:14 +0000 Foot Care Directory Share

This is excellent news on the foot care front – perhaps HSE South and Diabetes Ireland, who set up the clinics in a joint venture, might come across and visit advise UK county authorities on the way forward.

New foot care clinics cutting waiting times in Cork, Kerry, Waterford and Wexford…

— Foot Care Directory (@BestFootCare) October 23, 2012


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Diving Diseases Research Centre help prevent lady’s foot amputation Thu, 25 Oct 2012 09:06:20 +0000 Foot Care Directory Share

Amazing news! Diabetes patient Jean Horsham said oxygen therapy saved her life… and it was the Diving Diseases Research Centre in Plymouth that did it! 


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Diabetic with sore toe ends up having lower leg amputation Tue, 23 Oct 2012 20:19:20 +0000 Foot Care Directory Share

“Diabetics and those who care for them need to ensure they check their feet and their heels at regular intervals.” This lady was let down and lost her leg because of it. 

Margaret’s story will feature on Panorama on BBC1 on November 15.

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