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know ' what reasonable answer was to be given to objectors
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given can hardly be overrated. The funds now amount to
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Dr. Solomon Smith said that in cases of ulceration haemor-
diets upon the composition of the urine and the general con-
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ment were bound, by their self-interest, to maintain the
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no cousiipaLion. Has beeu treated with BlauU's pilis without, oeuefit.
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lassitude, which had come on after two severe attacks of in-
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Lucas, Albert, FR C.S.Eng., appointed Assistant Sui-geon to the General
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to his friends. The immediate cause of his death was
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one occasion her temperature rose in the evening to 101° F.
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parently undergoing the same changes as left. Later, exten-
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M.B., B.C.Camb., M.R.C.S.; H. T. Evans, M.R.C.S., L.A.H.; T. B.
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assistance of Dr. Hartt, medical officer of health, we have
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unusual occurrence for their eyes to become affected from the-
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made a good recovery. In another case forty-seven applica-
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and the lantern, was followed by an hour's practical work — in
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last week, under the presidency of Professor Konig, of Got-
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January liith, 1891— that is to say, in less than three months of his land-
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7.02 per cent., the notifications of the succeeding four weeks
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bringing home to your minds the reasonableness of the ex-
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lisions of the kind mentioned have occurred before the bul-
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had summed up in one word what they felt about this change,
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British Medical Association had taken an active part in
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Dr. Smith said that a man could not serve two masters ; he
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under tlie Vaccination Acts should no longer be subjected to the same
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rigidity and loss of ready flexion. About four different dia-
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liver displacement, and the only condition found at the
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it was not always possible to tell when a person had been
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though leprosy must be classed amongst the contagious
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The following is the ollicial list of candidates who passed the Second Pro-
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him whether the gentleman from whom he gets these figures
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for some purposes it is necessary, lie asserts, to recognise as
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Histologists have pointed out that the connective tissu'^
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London; Mr. E Morse, Great Torrington ; Dr. D. McGregor, London;
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three years has been £814,000, "in spite of large reductions in
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himself, however, recently acknowledged that the Board of
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process contained mucus only. The abdominal wound was closed, and
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more accurately, they should have been returned under sub-
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will be held at the Holborn Restaurant on Tuesday, .Tune I'nth, at .5.-30
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of the Contagious Diseases (Animals) Act are taking due action, it only
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G. L. Hinde, B.B., Brigade -Surgeon- Lieutenant- Colonel
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recommendations contained therein carried into effect.
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however, on one head — namely, that hospitals in " centres of
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the Association, 429, Strand. The rooms are open from 10
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a history of injury to the scrotum three weeks previous to-
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complete consideration of the pathology of the disease still
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county councils to elect a medical officer without restriction.
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were many cases of what were undoubted stillbirths in which