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and I concluded to begm the use of A S L, after having

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that alcoholic extracts of certain normal tissues as

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reverse condition is true. In the cases of G. C. and

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of their relatives, transferred to other institutions,

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power ; and with this the excretion of waste products

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BENGER'S FOOD is expressly devised to be used with fresh milk or

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in October; exceptional conveniences; sleeping room and meals if

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swollen. The cells were granular and the nuclei stain

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Straits Settlements — Singapore .... Aug. 14-27 7 5

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tees. Dr. W. T. Corlett and Dr. C. E. Ford. This academy

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ing Turkish-Russian, Roman Saline and Medicated Baths. Each

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series of clinical lectures on diseases of the skin in the

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]\IcCaw, W. D., Lieutenant Colonel, Medical Corps. Au-

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years, and at times while at work in his barber shop was

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cvst wall is thinnest and most liable to burst, and

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York Academy of Medicine. At the close of the meeting

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allusion to its resemblance to an antique musical in-

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First, arrest of development in foetal or child life

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Gather, D. C, Passed Assistant Surgeon. Detached from

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also wherein the leaves, rootes, or seede, hath beene

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For the last year she had had a whitish discharge. She

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furnish some explanation of the not infrequent dis-

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because upon its preservation depends the normal circulation of

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entire hand was somewhat swollen, red and painful, and

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cliairman of the New York Comm.ittee on Epidemic Po-

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ers. The diagnosis is usually easy, based on crepi-

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idea of unity from the ordinary citizen's notion of

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for patients, five rooms, eight by twelve feet, besides a

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scess evacuated with a posterior vaginal incision, the cavity

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tuberculous have been well stated by Cabot, when he

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ed the activity of the State Board of Health of Il-

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built in memory of Mrs. Butler, who was instrumental in

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the Negri bodies are conclusive when they are pres-

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but unfortunatel}^ other girls employed in the place

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the clot, even if one could have the least confidence

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my patient, besides hygiene and nursing, main reli-

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December 3, 1909. A few days later a small sore devel-

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in some cases the diuresis acts as a life saving meas-

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a result hitherto impossible with any other form nf

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claims of the "march of intellect" in the domain of

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tion of protoplasm may follow resorption of certain