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The treatment resolves itself into the treatment of the attack and

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P. S., aged 6 years, developed pellagra in August, 1913. A younger sister in

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colored men has been 21.2 per cent., 40.2 per cent, and 50 per cent.,

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weakness and stiffness of the right arm had appeared and his vision had become

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able increase in metabolism, retention going from 0.124 gm. to 0.210

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attacks of the disease it is most essential to ascertain and remove the

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procured by tapping the cava. This plasma had a slightly jaundiced hue and

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was empirical ; in other cases the treatment was not sufficiently

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that phlebitis might be of a neuralgic form. In some cases the

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which he examined there were evidences of endarteritis in 32 per

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Pellagrin 888, seems to be better established as an actual instance of

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apprehension and fear. The sight of workingmen or poor people on

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rapidly, as in the case of rupture of the valve, the signs are very