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root of the tongue were most probably set in motion by the compression of

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when in the recumbent position. On examination a painful epigastric

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the numerous morbid changes to which the pulmonary tissue is subject, but they

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leaves a little pit. The skin lesion is to be differentiated from that

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1 Janeway, Theodore C. A Study of the Causes of Death in One Hundred Patients

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recognized but has not been secured in pure culture, and in a sixth

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the difference between these two opposite seasons, notwithstanding the latter

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thyroid glands in our experiments of twenty-five years ago, and are

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ruary, January, April, December, March, and November, are shown to be most

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having taken place, which would be the inevitable consequence of an

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cerebrospinal fluid of all suspected patients. It is the purpose of

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scribed; the depression was not sufficient to cause compression, and it is

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The channel through the friable tissue of the cancerous growth is

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surfaces of the pericardium. This adhesion existed throughout the

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bilinogen but only bilirubin in the collected urine. The principal

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detritus, occurred. To distinguish this from the ordinary cases of cancer in

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debted to Dr. Kerckringius, a scholar whose profound veneration for Basil

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passed, but a puncture with a trochar was made in the most depending part, and

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but the former may be new compounds, resulting from the play of affinities

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Notwithstanding the undoubted immunity which can be conferred

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The ensuing chapters treat of the different species of poisoning and

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further details of this case; the bandage, without any other medicine than an oc-

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which no effect can be noted. All that I have attempted here is

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affected area; the whole illness was afebrile. Sputum examination showed

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appeared in recent years contain recognition of two movements

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that exist.^ To answer this, I need onlv refer again to the dissections

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very best intentions — with an aident desire to do good to their fellow men. They

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