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Etiology. — The cause of ringworm is the growth of a vegetable

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To recapitulate; bromides or iodides may produce the following

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those of pen-movement which betray chronic fatigue, and which, when

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skin. Nutritive changes not infrequently occur at the same time in the

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deep pigmentation, or constitutional symptoms, may clear up the mystery

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wheals, it would appear probable, according to most authors, that a

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the scars of the severer eruptions are large, irregular, and white;

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formed a part of his experience. Paramnesia occurs more commonly in

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is impending, or probable, or, it may be, merely possible.

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duce her to leave him alone amid such ravages of death.

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more fortunate charlatans drove quite as brave coaches, wore

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but only one of them (No. 262) can be accepted. Considerable attention

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sponded to the "distribution of that posterior root which must have been

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established. (See article "Measles," vol. ii. p. 101.)

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of suppressed gout and of gouty metastasis to the brain represent the fact

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generally occurs in neurotic persons ; and, as with locks of gray or white

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patient may eat and sleep well, but loses his subcutaneous fat by degrees ;

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episode is that of a grocer in Wood Street, Gheapside, who

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acquirements in all branches of knowledge then taught. He

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over the upper end of the pipette and bending the tubing

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organic substratum than the possessions of hypochondriasis, and are more

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particularly if he were sitting ; but at other times, when standing and a

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called together without his sanction, the man of science

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King received the Council's order on the Exchequer for a

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malevolence. But if he was not in this matter the victim

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the day, but ceases during sleep. There is no expectoration, and ex-

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any case it is certainly not a lichen in Hebra's sense, but a folliculitis ;

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Paris, 1887.— 38. Pringle. B. J. of Derm. 1898.— 40. Rasmussen. "OnHudscleem