Antabuse Reaction Treatment


of Belgaum lymph into Sind, and the results obtained to-day are
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Frequently, too, the opposite may be the symptoms of nervous disorder — a
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tomsy diagnosis and treatment^ and I shall then subjoin M. Louis's
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portant facts. He then gave to the students a brief abstract of the his^
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The amount of (ecu fur the lectures ia $50. The lectures continue three months.
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"^ It was considered doubtful when she came whether it would be
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favorable aspect ; the greater portion of it is united by the first intention ;
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the hot, moist months is capable of raising the body temperature to 99'9° E.
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accommodation and perception are still longer defective. After severe
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The active principle in each case is isomeric with atropine.
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arise from the undoing of the bandage after the first or second day, and
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Diagnosis. — In acute cases the history of the occupation of the patient
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Localised Miliary Tuberculosis. — While this does occur in children, it is
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'^ It is upon the respiration that my efforts are directed, and the princi-
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lately I have supposed that be used the roots or the same plant of which
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losis ; Eadica survived. It is, therefore, evident that the technical difficulties
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the tissues to resist the disease. These intracellular toxines seem to be
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the hospital, and the surgeon sent for with a view to operation. It was
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tubercles in the lungs ? According as this question is answered affirma-
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usually treated in this way. The same movement is of benefit in cases of scoliosis
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muscles may, as it were, arise from the occiput. This retroflexion of the
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its use must be preceded by venesection, refrigeration and reduction ; or
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come within my knowledjije. The first was Theo. Eaton, of North
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probably from cardiac dilatation resulting from interference with the
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without coming in contact with the surface, &c."
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injected through a short glass and rubber nozzle into the patient's vein.
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in the greatest number of cases, was proportioned to the adhesions be-
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orchitis. In the craggy sarcocele the testis is the seat of gummata which
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the diflerent species of Rhus — that it is unifoimly stated in its periods,
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portion of the heart has been observed to be converted into bone.— ilo^
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instructive to all the members present, indicating an improved and ele-
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which are found in our pages. But the course they are pursuing is ad-
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Here also there are different grades of union. There are, for instance, the
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It is obvious why disease of the lungs should occasion a dispropor-
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lin streets, which are so cheap that it is an inducement for any one at afi