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Corvisart. It was in mitral stenosis that Corvisart first noticed the
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symptoms of this condition were weakness, pallor, anrernia, and
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effect. The dilatation of all the vessels of the skin in the hot full bath
The change which is brought about by the treatment in the condi-
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amaryllis care indoors
6. Koch : British Congress on Tuberculosis, iii, 94.
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sion of lymphatic vessels will not produce elephantiasis or even dis-
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the eighteen recurrences in the group with onset at age 10 to 14,
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disease in Great Britain is by no means uniform, as cases are not un-
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attacks in this age group. In women more than 20 years old the recur-
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the heart is struggling to overcome an obstacle registered by rise of
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during the year, and in 617 instances, or 36.9 per cent., there was free-
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pounded from more or less distinct divisions of the human race \_mde
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than one attended with bruits. Often aneurysms are multiple; two
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duced in the body by these products (third column, Table 5) has
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gram (gr. xv.), but such large dose should never be administered
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others have pointed out, the occurrence of complicated groups of extra-
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strong muscular efforts, continuous *or intermittent. It has been
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expiration may produce a temporary dissociation of the auricles and
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nervous heart weakness. There are cases of pure neurasthenia in
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recurrence in the third year; (6) those without recurrence in the second
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clinical work such an error could be allowed, since the technic is greatly