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who is engaged in civil jn-actice will be permitted to draw full
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or ulcerative process. Bleedings may also take place from the soft
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vomiting, marked headaclie., and cliilh followed hy fever. Certain other
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of the epidermis surrounding the vesicles or pustules. The pustules
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ocean, where the sick and unfortunate sailors have all the
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number from five to twenty. They are collected and assorted
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peculiar puffiness of the mucous membrane of the eyes and the swollen
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the nervous system in a mild manner so rapidly, surely, easily, and
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Pomologist; staminate. The best new strawberries in our
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the lady superintendents. Mr. John D. Hayden, President of
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tamarind-tree also grows in the East Indies. I never thought
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The headache disappears, and mental dulness and slowness are conspicu-
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The mesenteric lympli-glands may soften or suppurate {vide Pathol-
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Dr. Horatio C. Wood, who, as Professor of Therapeutics in the
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factor exciting the thyroid to an ac-tive hypersecretion with the
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water. This was followed by a wet pack, sheet wrung out of water at 70°, re-
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tions which contribute to the maintenance of health, and on whose
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Madeira was a frequent article in the exchange. Again,
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laryngitis and bronchitis, the fauces and tonsils being hyperemic, with
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— Early in typhoid the headache demands relief. Absolute rest and
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1.5 parts. The impurities were largely particles of litter and
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Wells, and Jackson are dead, but the great work they did in
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early pears, whose status is not yet exactly known. Man-
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the spasm will relax and the tube pass steadily down. At times it is
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power could expect positions of emolument and distinction.
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ties, all of which might be in shape to produce more or less of
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of various sorts and equally success- ' X"*^ V^-^e^^^*^ . */
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manganate and ammonia or other alkalies. The queens and
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N. M. McNeill. AY. W. Buttle, W. C. Allison, H. N. Greaves,
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bay and the Bombay Presidency ; in November, the disease, " which had
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yellowish-gray color. The latter are often bloody and mucoid, particu-
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perforation of the bowel. It is much more common in males than in
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without reason. In the mean time the fatality of the disease remains
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herring are well up in nitrogen, and so are white fish ; fresh
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and Others — Different Kinds of Breads — Toast, etc. — Kissingen and
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practical and agreeable mode of saving life in typhoid fever may be
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so much of it being used in Scotland, and such an ideal food
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changed in inflammation; thirdly, the part played by the
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ment. Who can calculate to what degree we may thus influence the
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phitic battery is exhausted, and his bite then always produces
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produced by cold water flowing over the face. If the patient is somno-
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ease is attested, however, by the statistics of one hundred and fifty-six
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fewer. This is what we want in this most serious trouble.
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every three hours, preferably administered in capsule. With it I usu-
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