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June 21st, p. m. — More gay ; strength increased ; no pain in the abdomen ;

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fied by these explanations, and recollecting the experiments of physiologists

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focus. It was partially destroyed and one of the loops of

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ministered it in sufficient quantity and for the purpose of re-

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mayors of incorporated cities and towns, sanitary officers of

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Bowels constipated ; pulse 85, and weak; mouth slightly affected from mer-

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ment; she was then purged with mercurial and cathartic pills, followed by

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loids. The leading pharmacists of the day were devel-

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Case 2.— John M., setat. 27, entered the Eye Ward with chronic inflam-

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of the, second or the beginning of the third week of the

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cases to which it is difficult to apply it we should set them aside for further

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in a cyst between the parietes of the abdomen and the peritoneum lining it.

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"By showing ihat the large veins of the root of the neck are always in a

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in well-selected cases, is consen'ative in that it saves nearly all

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or any other form of argumentative appeal, for it is too securely ensconced

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as trade marks on the ground that the function of the trade

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A word which is the name of an article, or indicates its quality,

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Mr. Estlin, having succeeded in procuring matter from the cow, has

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was 63 per cent, in the first and 57 per cent, in the third

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the influence ascribed by some,— for instance, Walker, of Manchester,

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of the disease, it does not immediately cause the de-

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considerably lessened the bulk of its contents, and consequently the energy

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and contained air. The upper lobes were of a light gray colour and supple;

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proportion as their brethren in more favoured regions, and their published

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owing to the simple defect of the elasticity of the ossified parts preventing

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the appendix removed. This mass proved to be an intraliga-

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upon this nerve, and thence is transmitted along the ciliary nerves to the

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James T. Halloway, M.D., University of Louisville, 1889,

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must be admitted, that such experience as we yet have, tends decidedly to

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laborious example of our predecessors — by the clamorous wants and imper-

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mal, and until five days before death, the cachexia and vague

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Speaking at the annual dinner of the Himterian Society,

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At the public commencement, on the 3d of March, 1838, the degree of